Back in the ER!

So we all got over the sickness which seems to have been the flu.  It was bad.  Mark and I had it worse than the kids because of course we didn't get flu shots. 

On Monday the kids had off school for MLK day, Tuesday they had a half day due to the snow.  I used my four wheel drive more this winter than I have in the last eight years we have owned the car.  We were all home snuggled up by early afternoon!  Wednesday school was closed because of the snow so we were homebound all day again.  Thursday everyone went to school and work....for a little while.  Actually Mark and I didn't get to work when we got a call that Bennett fell at school and needed medical attention.  So we met at the school and took Bennett to the emergency room at Abington Hospital.  He fell in the classroom and hit his head on a small wooden table and had a 3-4 inch gash on the one side of his head.  Eye witness reports from his peers vary.  Some say he was pushed after he pushed another child.  Others say the other child pushed him first.  Bennett adamantly denied pushing the other child but who knows.  Bennett's classroom has some adorable little boys but they are all a little rough (Bennett included).  They are such good friends and it is adorable but its a little scary.  The teachers do their best to limit it but boys will be boys.  So this was our Thursday and Friday we kept him home from school as he thought he might need to rest his head!  So he got five loose stitches.  The Physicians Assistant (who had trouble pronouncing his name and kept calling him Benet (silent T) or Baby (he's five years old!). She said for a typical child, they would do ten stitches but because his skin is so thin, they didn't want to do tight stitches.  I took a picture of the open wound but I will spare you that image!

    Waiting for the numbing cream to work its' magic! Ipad Mini courtesy of a friend of a friend.  We decided to reserve it for things like this, doctor visits, emergency room, other long waits!  We have had way too many opportunities to use it but are very grateful for the distraction!
He was put in a restraint suit so that he couldn't squirm while they were putting in the stitches. 

                                            Resting at home the afternoon of the incident! 

                   Playing with Playdough on Friday while off from school!  He loves playdough! 

Saturday!  We were instructed to remove the bandages and let it breath!  It looks lovely! 


Amy Ruhf said...

Wound closure is looking really good! Glad that he's ok and is feeling better

Marla said...

Ouch! I hope the healing process goes smoothly.

child of God said...

I sure know that feeling of one thing after another. Glad be is healing up.